Midas Solutions

Following the sale of Business Travel Plus, one of the most successful independent travel management companies, its founder and Managing Director, Tony Stone, is offering his expertise through a brand new consultancy, Midas Solutions. Having a track record of driving profits high and containment of costs, Tony is well placed to assist any business in achieving its financial goals by input not only at strategic level but with a day to day hands on approach. Having extensive IT experience Midas Solutions are able to provide computer support services and advise on disaster recovery planning.

The current economic cycle makes the use of consultants more cost effective than every before.  Many organisations no longer have the spare resources to allocate to such activities as developing marketing or business plans and assisting their own team in sales training.  In the fear of loosing market share or customers, financial opportunities are often missed and a business health check, which can be undertaken in a short period of time, can in many circumstances prevent any serious issues arising.  Midas Solutions can provide all of these services, which are detailed on the services page.